Ok, question for all of you moms out there with more than one kid: how the hell do you keep your house even remotely clean? Given, I’m only four weeks post c section and am technically not really supposed to be doing too much in the form of housework (my doctor said I need to wait two years- see why I like him?), however, Tiny T is entering week two of a pretty gnarly cold, and I have an *almost* one-month-old. Plus, we have two adorable, yet horribly shedding dogs, so ya, my house needs a good scrubbin’. But how?? And dear god, when??

Don’t get me wrong, Mr. T has been doing more than his fair share of housework, but as he’s also working and helping with the kiddos when he’s home, it’s just impossible for us to get everything done that needs to get done. Presumably, it will become more manageable as I continue to heal and can increasingly take on more and more activity, but even then, I’m already on an every-other-day shower schedule. How do you find the time to clean up, wash dishes, vacuum, etc? ¬†All while playing with, and caring for, your kids?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated- I feel like I’m starting to drown here.




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